Digital Photo Shoot and Virtual Tour Process

There are several steps to developing virtual tours.  The following is a brief overview of what to expect and how to prepare for your photo shoot. We expect our products to sell themselves.  With this in mind we do everything up front free of charge. After the photo shoot we download the images and digitally enhance, stitch and appropriately size the photographs.  We then build the web pages, determine layout of the tours and photo graphs such as labels, order, starting point and then publish to the internet. We then send you a URL address with the link of the tour. For Real Estate agents and brokers you simply need to input the virtual tour url/address into the mls/paragon system starting with the www.

Preparation: Planning and preparation is very important for high quality pictures. Your property should be in 'Ready to Show' condition. The following are some helpful reminders:

Remove clutter, open window coverings and turn on the lights.
Straighten lamp shades, art work and photographs.
Clear countertops and flooring as much as possible.
Best photo shoots are between 9-noon for west facing views. Call for other areas.
Remove cars from the driveway. We can edit out a lot of things, but cars are often too much.
Try not to schedule the shoot during a garbage day or right after the sprinklers go on.
Remove garden hoses, trash cans, tools, toys, etc from the yard.
Display outside and inside furniture in an appealing, comforting, welcoming way.

Photo Shoot:  We use high quality digital photography equipment and shoot your property from optimal composition, angles and locations to show best on the web.  With and Be There Pix, LLC you only pay if you like the results.  We will email MLS sized photographs in .jpg format for easy uploading and emailing. 95% of our clients only use these. We can FTP full size images free or can make and mail you a CD/DVD for a small charge.

Image Enhancement: After the photo shoot, the computer work begins. Quality photographs take time and require some amount of touch-up work.  We use professional computer digital darkroom to ensure your photographs and virtual tours are as high of quality possible. We adjust each photographs and even remove unwanted blemishes and distractions. We spent approximately 4 hours editing for a 1 hour photoshoot virutal tour package. About 30 minutes per tour and 1.5 hours for a small/medium photo shoot.

Publishing: Once formatted and stored into proper file formats and website viewers, we upload the images for your review, feedback, approval and selection. We provide standard optimized file sizes typically around 200KB for easier downloading by the users. We make huge quality versions and then downsize to run appropriately

Web Hosting: Virtual Tour hosting is free with our banner across the top of the tour page. If want to have your own banner and no hint of on your virtual tour you can purchase the Non-Branded add-on option. We will continue to host it for free and if you need changes made in the future you will be charged our standard web maintainance rates. Real Estate MLS listed houses receive unlimited hosting until the property sells.