We apologize for any inconvenience you may be having. Virtual tours are fairly large files and take some time to download. Ours have been minimized in size for quicker downloads at the sacrifice of some quality, but we try to meet in the middle as best we can.  These files are about 150-240Kb in size and are designed for use with Cable, DSL or other higher speed internet access. If you use dial up you can select the tours and work on something else while they load, but regardless it will be a bit annoying.

Users of Internet Explorer with the new SPK2 service pack, see instruction #1. These tours are approximately 200 Kb in size and can take 1-3 minutes to download depending on your internet connection speed.  Please try the following if the tour does not open after waiting. If you still have difficulties please report it to us.

1]  Microsoft has recently released an upgrade [Service Pack 2] to Windows XP users known as Windows XP SP2. Upgrading to SP2 will disable programs using Java which is required to view 360 degree images and many other Internet functions. As a result, this program (Java) may need to be reinstalled. For more information on how install Java on your computer simply follow this link and follow the instructions. This will only take a minute or so and has no impact on any other PC or browser operations. Click here for a Free, Safe, Download directly from Java!

2] Our 360x360 virtual tours require a type of program called 'Java' which is supported by most computers and free to everyone. You may simply not have your 'Java' enabled. To enable Java perform the following:

Internet Explorer users: Go to View>Options>Security> Select 'Enable Java Programs' or 'Set Java Security to High' in the Java control window to ensure it's enabled.

Netscape users: Edit> Preferences>Advanced> Select 'Enable Java'